Overland transport rights


The rights of bus and coach passengers are regulated in Regulation (EU) 181/2011, which shall apply to passengers whose embarkation and disembarkation point is in the territory of a member state of the European Union and are summarized in the following sections:

A) Rights to compensation and assistance in case of accidents.

Applicable in the case of regular services of more than 250 km. and occasional services:

1. Right to compensation for death or personal injury and for loss of or damage to baggage

With a maximum limit of compensation of not less than 220,000 euros per passenger and 1,200 euros per piece of baggage, with the exception of reduced mobility equipment, the amount of which shall be equivalent to the replacement cost.

2. Right to assistance

It must be provided by the carrier and be adequate and proportionate for the immediate practical needs of the passenger after the accident: food, drink and if necessary, accommodation for a maximum of 2 nights and for a maximum amount of 80 euros per night and per person.

B) Rights to assistance for persons with reduced mobility (PRM)

1. On regular services up to 250 km

To make the reservation and purchase of tickets at no additional cost and under the same conditions that apply to other passengers.

Exception: to comply with the safety requirements established by the regulations and when the design of the vehicle makes it impossible to embark, disembark or transfer the person in a safe and viable manner.

2. In regular services of more than 250 km

  • To be informed of any acceptable alternative service operated by the carrier in the event of refusal to make a reservation or issue a ticket.
  • In the event that they have not notified at least 36 hours in advance of the need for assistance and are denied boarding due to their disability or reduced mobility, they have the right to choose alternatively between:
    • Reimbursement of the ticket and, where applicable, a free return service to the first point of departure, at the first available opportunity and
    • The continuation of the journey or an alternative route, where feasible.
  • In the event that the carrier or travel agency refuses to accept the reservation or issue the ticket of a PRM for the reason of complying with safety requirements or because of the impossibility of boarding, disembarkation or transfer of the PRM due to the design of the vehicle, they have the right to:
    • Request to be accompanied by another person capable of providing the required assistance, who will travel free of charge.
    • To be informed immediately of the reasons that prevent the acceptance of the reservation or issuance of the ticket and, if expressly requested by the PRM, to be informed in writing within 5 working days after the request.
  • To have general information about the trip and the conditions of transport in appropriate and accessible formats, including online reservations and information.
  • To take the necessary measures to facilitate the receipt of notifications of the need for assistance made by PRM, both at points of sale and in telephone and internet sales.
  • In the event that the corresponding notification is not made, they have the right to have all reasonable efforts made to ensure the provision of assistance so that they can board the outbound transportation services, make necessary transfers and disembark from the inbound transportation services for which they have purchased the ticket.

C) Rights in case of cancellation, delay of more than two hours or overbooking.

  • To be offered by the carrier to choose between the following options:
  • The continuation or alternative route to the final destination at no additional cost and at the first possible opportunity, under comparable conditions.
  • The reimbursement of the ticket price and, if applicable, a free return service by bus or coach at the first possible opportunity, to the first point of departure mentioned in the contract of carriage.
  • If the carrier does not offer the passenger these possibilities, the passenger shall be entitled to compensation equivalent to 50% of the ticket price, in addition to reimbursement of the ticket price, to be paid within one month of the submission of the claim for compensation.
  • In case of a journey of more than three hours, in case of cancellation or delay in departure from the station of more than 90 minutes, the passenger is entitled to free assistance from the carrier including snacks, meals or drinks reasonable to the waiting time or delay, provided they are available on the bus or at the station and, when necessary, hotel accommodation up to a limit of 80 euros per night and per person and for a maximum of 2 nights and, transport to and from the place of accommodation.

Exception: if the cancellation or delay is due to extreme weather conditions or major natural disasters that endanger the safety of the bus or coach service.


Reglamento (UE) 181/2011

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